Lutheran Agency For Missions to Burmese

LAMB is a non-for profit 501(c)3 organization founded by Rev. James Keller in 2003 with the purpose of providing support and spreading the word of God to immigrants and refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who are living in Allen county.

To learn more about the services provided by LAMB, please look at our Social Services and Spiritual Services.  LAMB also provides Christian resources translated in Burmese to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to strengthen the faith of Burmese Christians.

The ministry of LAMB is to train and equip evangelists, Bible teachers, pastors, and missionaries for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to plant churches among the Burmese people.  Pastor James has an unpaid call to New Life Lutheran Church and is deployed to Lutheran Agency for Missions to Burmese (LAMB).  Since March 2013, Pastor James Keller also serves as Senior Pastor of New Life Lutheran Church.

Lutheran Agency for Missions to Burmese
PO Box 15833
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46885-5833
Telephone: 260.385.0683
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For more information about LAMB, please contact Pastor James Keller here