Fear of God or Just Being Afraid of God?

Posted by James Keller on OA2er @ 2:12 AM

1  Since we have these promises, dear friends, we need to cleanse ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit and live a holy life in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 7:1 (GW) 

Have you ever wondered about what the phrase “fear of God” means?  Martin Luther began the explanation of each of the Ten Commandments with the words, ‘We should fear and love God.”  How can we both fear and love someone?  Fear in this case does not mean what we think it means.  It does not mean to be terrified of but rather a reverential fear.  Luther explains it this way: We fear God above all things when we revere Him alone as the highest being, honor Him with our lives, and avoid what displeases Him.[1]

How do we revere Him alone and honor Him?  Our memory verse tells us we do that by holding onto His promises and cleansing ourselves from everything that contaminates us. 

Here is the kicker, one of His promises is that He will do the cleansing.  You see, we are really too weak to do any cleansing of our lives.  We like our sin too much.  That is why God sends the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit makes us spiritually alive.  The Holy Spirit washes us clean.  The Holy Spirit begins making the changes necessary in our lives so that we can live as God’s redeemed children. 

What is our part?  Stop fighting against the Holy Spirit.  It seems easy but oh is it hard to do.  Our selfish pride gets in the way.  We think we can do it on our own.  We think we know what is best.  But that is really our sinful nature rearing its ugly head.  That is why Luther talks about daily drowning our old Adam (sinful nature).  How do we do that?  By remembering our baptism.  God made some promises to us in our baptism.  He promised to wash us clean from our sin.  He promised to write His name upon us.  He promises never to leave us alone.  Which brings us back to our memory verse: Since we have these promises…

Live in the promises of God!

Christ’s slave,

Pastor jm

[1] An Explanation of the Small Catechism, Question 22 A.  (1991 Edition)

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