Knowledge is Power

Posted by James Keller on 03/05/17 @ 10:29 PM

Jesus went on to say, “Pay attention to what you’re listening to! Knowledge will be measured out to you by the measure of attention you give. This is the way knowledge increases” (Mark 4:24 GW).

Knowledge is something valuable in the Bible.  It is something to be sought after.  But not just any knowledge.  It is the knowledge about God and how to live in Him.

Jesus says that if you want knowledge, you need to pay attention.  Pay attention to what?  To what Jesus says.  Those who listen well will get more knowledge – they will draw closer to God.  Those who don’t listen well will get little or no knowledge.  They are in danger of getting into trouble and even of losing their faith.

Jesus’ words about paying attention apply to more than just listening to God.  Any school teacher will tell you that those students who pay attention in class do better and stay out of trouble more than those students who don’t pay attention.

So really the questions for us today are, “Why?”  Why wouldn’t we want to pay attention to Jesus and get wiser?  Who really wants to be known as fool? What is keeping you from listening and paying attention?

To be honest, we often think we know best.  We often think that we can ignore what we hear just this once.  As I write this, I am lying in a hospital bed getting antibiotics via I.V.  Why? Because just this once it won’t hurt.  I had been warned never to put on any clothing item bought from a store before washing it first.  But I was in a hurry.  I was too lazy to go to laundry room and get a clean outfit.  So, I saw some clothes that had been bought but not washed.  I quickly put them on and headed out the door.  It won’t hurt to not pay attention this one time….

Wisdom is known by her children.  I was not one of them that day.  I got a fungal infection that was lonely and invited bacteria to come over and play.  So here I am spending a romantic weekend away in a hospital bed with my new best friend Ivan – the I.V. pole.

If not paying attention to a little worldly knowledge can be this dangerous, imagine how much more dangerous not paying attention to what Jesus, God in the flesh, can mean now and for eternity!

Christ’s slave,

Pastor jim

P.S. Remember to always wash before you wear!

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