Laying Down Your Life for Your Friends

Posted by James Keller on 05/27/18 @ 7:25 AM

Today I am honored to have a guest blogger share her thoughts about this verse:

John 15:13 (GW)  
(13) The greatest love you can show is to give your life for your friends. 
I heard these words on a Sunday morning many years ago and thought I should write the verse down, just in case. 
My son was in the Military. He was finishing his education at the United States Military Academy West Point, and having branched Infantry he would go on to become an Army Ranger. It is not required, but it is expected and the men (now also women) that choose Infantry as their branch want the training. They need the training. So, If 4 years of schooling (including summers) at West Point wasn't enough to just about break someone, the Army's Ranger program certainly could. Why do they do it? I can only answer for one but I don't think his story is different than most who VOLUNTEER to go through the process. It's LOVE. Love of ones Country. Love of the freedoms and choices we are given in the United States and a profound desire to protect those freedoms, whatever the cost. Love for family and friends that is so great you would actually consider laying down your own life, for them.   
Is there a greater love?
Every soldier who volunteers to serve does so consciously knowing that service could end his or her life. They sign up anyway. That is a love that I don't understand. I'm grateful that so many are willing to do what I am not. 
Just as Jesus laid down his life so that we can life forever in his love and care, so do our Soldiers, our men and women in the Military understand LOVE for Country and love for friends and family to a level others may never reach. They do not save people, that was Jesus work, but they preserve freedoms and peace that allow us to live without fear to worship our Jesus.  
On Memorial Day we remember the hundreds of thousands of men and women who showed us such love. The love that caused them to loose their own life for the sake of others; the greatest love you can show. 
Glenda Hyde
Gold Star Mother of 
Army 1LT Daniel Hyde
KIA March 7, 2009
Click here to watch Glenda tell about her son's life and service.


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