A Call to Action

Posted by James Keller on OP2er @ 2:16 PM

James 1:22 (GW)
22  Do what God's word says. Don't merely listen to it, or you will fool yourselves.

How much listening do we do on any given day?  We go through the day with the radio on in the background (or the TV).  It provides background noise but are we really listening to it?  At the end of the day can we really say what we have heard?

This is what James is talking about herein James 1:22. But instead of talking about the radio or music, he is talking about God’s Word.  Do you read the Bible just to mark off a box on your daily “to do” list?  Do you sit politely in church during the sermon but your mind is miles away?  Then you are guilty of James 1:22. Reading the Bible or listening to the sermon doesn’t do you any good unless you put it into practice. 

As one theologian once said, “A said faith is a dead faith.”  But a living faith is one that not only listens but obeys.  The next time you are reading your Bible (which I hope is every day) try asking yourself these questions:

1)      What did this mean for those who were there?

2)      Why did God include this in His Word?

3)      What does God want me to do about this today?

The next time you are sitting in church listening to a sermon, instead of thinking, I wish so and so was her to hear this.”  You should be asking yourself these questions:

1)      How does this sermon apply to me?

2)      What should I do about it?

3)      How can I share what I have learned today with others this week?

By asking yourself these questions and seriously answering them you are well on your way from merely listening to the word of God to doing what God says. 

Christ’s slave,

Pastor jim

P.S.  E-mail me if you would like a PDF of tips that can improve your Bible study.

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